It is understood that in signing for and purchasing exhibitor space at the Nantwich Food and Drink Festival that the festival rules and conditions will be adhered to.

Allocation of stands Every care is taken to meet exhibitors’ requirements but we regret that under no circumstances can allocations be changed once finalised. Under no circumstances is sub-letting allowed. All exhibitors’ stands should relate to their booking forms.

Cancellation In the event of a cancellation of a fully accepted booking, every endeavour will be made to re-let the space allocated, if it is possible to do so a refund will be made less a handling fee of £50. In the event we are unable to re-let then the applicant is liable for payment of the full amount.

Opening Hours All stands must be manned for the duration of the festival during opening hours.

Set Up Set up will be available from Thursday 30th August 5pm. You must be ready and have vehicles off site by 10am. You will be issued with directions before the festival and you should report to the steward on arrival.

Breakdown Exhibitors are responsible for having stands fully open during festival hours. Breakdown will not be allowed before closing of festival at 5pm on Sunday. See above for opening hours.

Organisers Each exhibition area will have designated managers who will be able to help with any issues that may occur during the exhibition itself. The manager will introduce themselves as exhibitors arrive to begin set up. Any queries in advance of the festival should be directed to or telephone 0300 8000897.

Car Parking/Vehicle Movement This is a town centre site. There will be an allocated area for exhibitor parking and all vehicles must be removed from the site to the parking area no later than 1 hour before public opening time. Re-stocking of stands will be allowed after the public have been cleared following closing time. Other than emergency vehicles, there will be no vehicles allowed on site during public opening times. For deliveries during opening hours, please contact the Organisers. There are a limited number of refrigerated vehicle bays with 24hr hook up. Please make sure you have booked this as they are not available unless pre-booked.

Catering Under no circumstances are exhibitors allowed to cater without prior arrangement. Anyone wishing to apply for an onsite catering stand must complete the Instant Consumables Booking Form. All exhibitors should be aware of statutory health and hygiene regulations, and carry relevant certificates and equipment necessary.

Health and Safety Under the terms of the Health and Safety Act at Work etc. Act 1974 you have a responsibility to ensure so far as is reasonably practical, the health, safety and welfare of all employees and that any plant or systems of work which may be used are safe and without risk to health. This includes that all employees are provided with information, instruction, training and supervision to ensure not only their own health and safety but that of all those working or attending the vicinity.

Gas No gas canisters are allowed within the marquees.

Rules & Conditions continued

Emergency Procedures All exhibitors are expected to make themselves aware of the emergency procedures relating to the venue. A Health and Safety booklet will be emailed to all confirmed exhibitors prior to the festival.

Accidents All accidents are to be reported to member of staff at the organiser’s desk or exhibition area steward, upon which a member of staff will make a full report and investigate the accident area if necessary. During opening hours first aid cover will be present.

First Aid First Aid facilities will be available from set up time and throughout the festival. There will be First Aid cover during the public opening times of the event. First Aid can be contacted via the area steward. All exhibitors who are cooking on their stand must carry a first aid kit and fire extinguisher. All exhibitors must carry a copy of a current risk assessment and certificate of public liability insurance.

Insurance Each exhibitor is responsible for insuring against any legal liability incurred in respect of injury, loss or damage to property belonging to third parties. In addition they should protect their expenditures against abandonment and cancellation or curtailment of the event.

Security The organisers expressly decline responsibility for any loss or damage, which may befall the person or property of the exhibitors from any cause whatsoever. Exhibitors are warned not to leave their stands unattended at any time during opening hours. In the event of loss or damage please inform the organisers as soon as possible. Security will be provided from the day before the festival until the Sunday evening.

Consequential Damage The organisers cannot accept any responsibility for any damage or claim by exhibitors for injury to property or persons on their stand. Exhibitors are responsible for the safety of their displays and machinery/equipment which must be safeguarded to the satisfaction of the organisers.

Conduct All exhibitors are responsible for the good behaviour of any staff/agents involved in the exhibition. The organisers reserve the right to ask any person whose behaviour is considered unreasonable to leave and/or refuse their attendance at any future exhibition.

Displays All display areas will be clearly marked and displays must be confined to the designated space as marked. All stands will be rigorously examined by the organisers both before and during the event.

Litter All litter must be collected and removed from stands after each day’s trading and placed in the refuse skips provided. Please recycle where appropriate.

Public Address System /Photography The onsite public address system is for the use of organisers only, any announcements wishing to be made other than of an emergency nature must be pre-arranged with the marque manager’s desk. Any photography undertaken by the organisers remains the property of The Nantwich Food and Drink Festival Ltd.

Amplifiers/ Touting The use of amplifiers/microphones is strictly prohibited. Trade is restricted to the area allocated and no touting is allowed in public walkways.

Animals – Animals other than disability aid dogs are prohibited from the exhibition space.

Town Centre Map – Allocated stand information and parking facilities will be forwarded to you 5 – 10 days prior to the festival weekend.

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