Stripped Down Blues Trio

Sunday 6th September

14:00 – 16:00

Silk 106.9 Sound Stage

Stripped Down Blues evolved from a chance meeting between Worcester’s elder Bluesman, “Poor” Bob Jones and up-and-coming harmonica player Darren “DJ” Mather. “Poor” Bob dragged DJ along to the Worcester Blues Club and the two-some jammed along like good old-time Bluesmen should.
Then along came Andy Dent, friend of DJ and a classical trained guitarist who was looking for a bit of “escapism” and broadening of his musical horizons. The duo became a trio and regular gigs through the Blues Club links came rolling in and the bands good-time blues repertoire began to expand.
The next addition to the line-up was Garrington Tee Jones and now running with good-time vocals and numerous guitars, banjos. bouzouki’s, harmonicas and other sundry instruments, the good times began to roll in stripped down fashion!
And now the latest addition to the SDB ‘family’ is Tonina Westgate who has discarded her trumpet, violin, etc, picked up a bass guitar and is now giving us the driving bass line which only adds to the breadth of the set list as well as singing too!