RedShift Radio

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RedShift Radio is a not-for-profit Community Radio Station based in Crewe and primarily covering the local towns and villages such as Crewe, Nantwich, Sandbach, Weston, WillastonWistaston and Acton. We also have a smaller reach into areas like Northwich, Middlewich and Wrenbury. RedShift Radio is company limited by guarantee and is mainly funded by the RedShift Hub, a community networking organisation that encourages the business, education and charitable communities of South Cheshire to network together.

The RedShift Values…

  • Passionate about our community
  • Positive focus on all things South Cheshire
  • Proactive in developing and nurturing relationships

RedShift Radio has been broadcasting since 6th September 2010 from studios at the Brierley Business Centre, Mirion Street, Crewe, Cheshire. With over 70 volunteers presenters working across 40 different shows and supporting behind the scenes, RedShift Radio is a broadcast medium with a wide range of appeal to the community.