Sixty four enthusiastic Nantwich Food Festival volunteers met up on Sunday at the Olive Tree in Nantwich to brush up on their skills. Training was delivered by Simon Walter of Rhino Health and Safety to ensure that all the volunteers are able to give a good service to the nearly 40,000 visitors that come to the annual Nantwich Food Festival whilst looking after themselves.

Homemade cakes added to the occasion with everyone chatting and making new friends. Jo Lowry the festival volunteer coordinator said “it was great to see so many volunteers come and join us, we all take our role very seriously and want to give a good service and to create a fantastic impression to visitors to Nantwich. Many of our volunteers come back each year because they enjoy the amazing atmosphere the festival creates.”

The Festival which is on 4th 5th and 6th September is not for profit and run entirely by Volunteers. However we believe it is now probably the biggest food festival in the country with nearly 200 exhibitors, from Cheshire and from all over the world, this year.

Volunteers will be taking on roles that include guided tours for schools, managing marquees, keeping food courts clean, litter picking and directing visitors if you would like to join them make contact via the festival website.