Maple Clouds

Saturday 5th September

10:00 – 12:00

Morkflake Music Stage

Formed in July of 2014 through a local open mic, The Maple Clouds have risen rapidly in their local music scene of Crewe and Nantwich before beginning to take over outer parts, with gigs in Manchester and Derbyshire under their belt as well as 2 very well recieved performances at the Nantwich Jazz Blues and Music Festival.

With music ranging from Aretha Franklin to Jessie J, The Maple Clouds deliver a solid showcase of soulful songs. Combining the smooth voice of Sharmane Smith with the accompaniment and backing vocals of Marc Gallagher, The Maple Clouds have filled venues from around the North West, with harmonies tighter than Beyonce’s jeans.

Eager to spread their music through more than just live shows, The Maple Clouds got straight to work in the studio, releasing their debut covers album ‘Volume 1’ in December 2014 to good acclaim. They have sinced released ‘Volume 2’, this July, and are promoting it with a string of gigs all around.