Contact Tel: 08000 588 400
Email Address: info@engenie.co.uk
Web Site: http://www.engenie.co.uk/

Engenie provides and operates rapid charging facilities for electric vehicles used by the general public, commercial fleets and taxi operations. Our rapid charging stations provide an ongoing profit share opportunity to landlords and encourage the use of zero emission vehicles at car parks, depots and on-street locations across the UK. Engenie funds and installs rapid charging stations for the exclusive use by fleets at depots or suitable locations along regular routes. Our futureproof 50kW rapid charging stations are compatible with all EVs and can simultaneously charge two cars (using the AC and DC connectors) in around 30 minutes providing each with around 85 miles range.
Engenie charges for electricity by the kWh unit, through a simple demand based tariff, much like petrol by the litre but for a lower cost per mile. The Engenie driver app and back-end systems provide accounting and payment facilities, parking enforcement, driver navigation, real-time equipment monitoring and remote fault resolution. Engenie ensures quality of service with a minimum network uptime of 99.5%, 24-hour customer support, and next day maintenance agreements. We have an industry leading team in place to provide site design, planning, programme management, equipment and power installations.