Dangerous Food Company

Contact Tel:          07889 544 898 / 077122 81290
Email Address:   dominic.haynes@dangerousfoodco.co.uk
Web Site:               http://www.dangerousfoodco.co.uk/

We began making our chilli jams in a small kitchen in St Asaph,  North Wales in early 2013. After many trial batches we had perfected our first flavour – red chilli and lime! Now by early 2015, we have added 4 flavours to the family, and the company is growing in popularity.
We received a gold star at the Great Taste awards in 2014 for our red chilli and lime jam – 1 of only four chilli jams, and we are hoping our other flavours will meet with similar success in the 2015 awards.
Making vast quantities of chilli jam, although enjoyable, in a tiny household kitchen did have some drawbacks – particularly the overpowering smell! So in early 2014, we re-located to local specialised facilities, where the jams are continued to be made with tender loving care.