Beer menu from around the world to match beer with food

Friday 4th, Sunday 5th and Sunday 6th September

All Day

Vine Inn 42 Hospital Street, Nantwich, CW5 5RP

Vine Inn Beer List – Beers from round the world

 The Vine Inn has always been the friendly pub which instantly makes you feel like a regular. It proudly provides a regular choice of 7 different Cask Ales & a wide selection of Wines & Continental Beers. We are celebrating beer as a compliment to food with this special range to choose from.


Crisp, light, pilsner-style lager. Its slight jasmine touch and rice sweetness play well alongside curries, especially chicken. Refreshing and drinkable, perfect to cool the palate after a spicy mouthful.
300ml, 5% abv, £3.80

Timmermann’s Kriek

 Tart and sweet, this Belgian cherry Lambic beer is a perfect partner to cheeseboards and fruit salads, especially with a couple of squares of dark chocolate on the side.
330ml, 4%abv, £4.55

Affligem Double

A bottle conditioned Belgian Abbey beer, tasting of caramel, currants and sharp fruits. Adding the ‘soul’ adds bready and clove tastes. Its rich palate complements red meats, especially game, and autumnal vegetables.
300ml, 6.8% abv, £4.10

Vedett Extra Blonde

A premium, mildly malted strong pilsner. Pleasantly hoppy, dry and citrusy, Vedett is a great companion to umami flavours (mushrooms, asparagus), seafood, and cheese.
330ml, 5.2%abv, £4.30

Chimay Red

A dark copper coloured Trappist beer, Chimay Red is fruity and smoky, with hints of liquorice and bitter hops. Great with barbecued ribs or red meat.
330ml, 7% abv, £5.05

Erdinger Weissbier

A classic wheat beer, Erdinger’s sweet herbal tastes and aroma, most notably coriander, are great to refresh the palate. This makes it exceptionally versatile with food. Try it with a chicken salad, or a chocolatey pudding.
500ml, 5.3% abv, £4.05